Megan Fox Finally Putting Herself Back Out There?

megan fox
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Is she with Robert Pattinson? Brian Austin Green? The Green Man?

Whoa, it looks like Megan Fox may be over the Brian Austin Green era. It took us until The OC began to get over the David Silver era. Ms. Megan Fox is nothing if not highly developed. But USA Today is reporting that the mega fox (were we the first ones to think of that?) has been seen about with undead heartthrob Robert Pattinson.  That collective "harrumph" you just heard was America's tween girls sighing dejectedly. The loud thump was Daniel Radcliffe punching a hole in his bedroom wall.

But fear not, youngsters, Extra claims that any proximity for the good-lookers is just coincidence and rumors of a secret affair between the Transformers hotrod and the Twilight daywalker are hogwash, poppycock and generally unfounded. We're holding out hope only because they'd immediately become one of Earth's most hated couples. And not hated like Spencer and Heidi, but hated from the place where jealousy lives: player hated. The blogs would be alive with the sound of "shemakesmesick."

But, according to The Superficial, rumors of a total split between Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green may be greatly exaggerated. Per the blog, a cancelled engagement doesn't automatically mean that they're not still doing sleepovers and brunch. It sometimes does take a few times to make a breakup real. Hopefully, they got their deposit back on any wedding expenses.

And the greatest Megan Fox rumor of the week: Glimmer News is reporting that the action-y actress is dating a dude named Angus Mullane. Evidently, Angus Mullane is an Australian actor who plays the eco-savvy superhero Green Man. All we can say is, good work sneaking that story into Google News, Green Man. If it convinces just one kid to recycle, then the deceipt was worth it. Greenzo… out.

Any thoughts about what's really going down with the Megan Fox? Is she holding out for a hero?

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