Honesty is key

Honesty is key

I'm young in age, but not in experience.  I know what it feels like to go through the routine with different types of guys.  There's your geek who of course is inexperienced and only see's there is one girl fit for him.  Your party animal, sleezy, drinks a lot and cares more about what you look like then the words that are going to come out of your mouth.  Then there's the best friend....oh boy have I dealt with this a number of times (and I'm falling hard for my really good friend now).

However, all of my experiences have forced me to accept that if these guys weren't honest with me from the beginning, I would've resented them for a very long time rather than resenting the situation and eventually moving on.  It's hard to move on from crushes but honestly, isn't it a lot harder to move on from a relationship that maybe shouldn't of happened in the first place??

A good example is the experience I'm going through right now.  I really thought that the whole friends with benefits thing could last with him but somehow he's let his emotion get intertwined and has realized his feelings for his ex are still there.  However, this is typically irrelevant in a situation like this because well, I wasn't expecting him to want to be my boyfriend.  In fact he denied that all along.  But to sit here and say oh well that would be unfair to you and I don't want to live in a world of illusions can only point towards one thing.  While he's being honest about the feelings towards his ex, maybe there's more between him and I then he'll let me know.

In this situation, I am at just as much fault as he is if that's the case, only because I refuse to ask.  Thus, I'm basically setting myself up for letdown.  He's even promised in the future if this thing doesn't work out after one more try for the time being, that he see's no reason why it can't eventually happen.

You don't say things that imply one should wait, that leaves room for misinterpretation.

Basically what it boils down to is be open with your questions because by the time they're answered, it may not be the answer you're looking for and you will be left heartbroken.

Much Love, K


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