Tony Romo Ain't 'The Marrying Kind'

tony romo and jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson is getting anxious to be engaged, it is being reported

That had not occurred to us, dude. It looks like Tony Romo is a complicated man, one unlikely to take a wife. Per Celebitchy, a brassy, country singer named Jessica Simpson expected the Cowboys quarterback to lace her with some engagement diamond shine any time now. Evidently, Joe Simpson's oldest daughter expected Tony Romo to gift her with an engagement ring either on New Year's Eve or Valentimes (fingers crossed for St. Patty's).

Apparently, there is some concern in the country singer's camp that Tony Romo is attempting to circumvent purchasing the cow in favor of getting the milk for free*. And Jessica Simpson would prefer that her milk was purchased or at least rented with an option to buy. They've been dating about a year and a half and she seems to be getting a little antsy in her pantsy about getting to the next level, i.e. marriage, toy poodles, barbeques, taping Jason Whitten's ankles, some kids to rub in Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's faces, the usual.

You know what we've always thought was a bad way to get someone to put a ring on it? Constantly stressing out about it. Enjoy the moment, ya'll. Tony Romo seems like the kind of dude who just likes going at his own pace. He got Terrell Owens fired (sort of) because he was such a pain in the ace. And they only worked together. We're not suggesting that Jessica Simpson shouldn't expect marriage in the future, but they're in no danger of accidentally becoming common-law man and wife, you know? And it's OK when a younger sister gets married and has kids first, seriously. Breathe deep, enjoy the ride and don't panic until you turn 30 (roughly next summer). Though if she does need to be married immediately, maybe she can bring up Tom Brady as much as possible. Should do the trick.

*Note: That wasn't a crack about Jessica's alleged weight-gain, there really is an old saying about buying the cow versus getting the milk for free, crazy. Furthermore, when you pack on a little extra cushion, you should probably forego wearing high-wasted dungarees.

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