10 Little Ways to Stay Connected

10 Little Ways to Stay Connected

Time is a valuable asset. As a single parent, I know that getting to the place where romance is even a glimmer of a thought is sometimes challenging; But, I also know that it’s an important aspect of any relationship to preserve. When you lose that emotional connection, it’s easier to slip away. This does not mean that every encounter needs to be deeply meaningful, but keeping that spark alive in little ways is important.

Following are 10 quick (and mostly free) ideas that can help keep the connection strong:

1. Make sure to give good morning and bedtime kisses. It doesn’t
matter if your lover is awake, a gentle kiss will subconsciously
register your presence and caring. Even if your late or in a hurry,
make sure to give a quick peck. It may sound silly, but little touches
show love and build trust.

2. Sneak a note in your loved ones car on a weekday evening so they
find it in the morning as they head out to work, or to run errands. It
doesn’t have to be fancy or overtly sexual, just a quick, “You Rock”
will do. I can assure you a smile will follow the discovery.

3. Send a ‘thinking of you’ text message to your significant other
during the day. Again, similar to the note, just a quick connection to
let your lover know that you think about them even when they’re not
there. Even though they may know this, telling them always induces a
snuggly, warm-all-over feeling.

4. Whatever your lover is doing, (washing dishes, sitting in a chair
watching tv, etc..) give them a quick hug from behind and whisper
something sweet in their ear. Do not scare them however, be loud enough
so they know you’re there, and then gently hug ‘em from behind (or slap
‘em in the ass if that’s more to their liking ).

5. Buy a ‘thinking of you card’ and mail it them. (this is
especially good if your significant other doesn’t live with you, but it
works well even if they do). It costs like $3, takes 5 minutes (well, I
know some of use spend way to long reading every card, but you get the
drift), and will be a nice little day brightener.

6. Reserve a night during the week for an evening of sitting on your
butts, snuggling on the couch, watching TV (even if it involves Blue
Animals or Princesses so the kids are quiet.) Snuggling is just another
form of touch that helps to build closeness and trust.

7. Ask your significant other about their day, and listen to their
response. Sometimes in the busy-ness of daily life we forget to keep up
with the most important stories of the day, those about the people for
whom we love. Once you start listening, you’ll love to catch up each

8. Write a ‘steamy’ note on the bathroom mirror, so it show’s up
when they get out of the shower. Or use lipstick to ensure it stays
long enough. Yeah, it’s an oldy, but definitely a goody…have you done

9. Order/buy something sexy (lingerie, massage oil, chocolate, sexy shoes,
etc.) and have it shipped to your loved one with a note regarding the
use of the item. Desired results are almost 100% assured.

10. Tell your lover he/she looks hot…everyone likes to be hot to
someone, and if you are that person’s significant other, you ARE the
person they want to be hot for.

NOTE: DO NOT do all of these in one day, or even one week. Spread
the love out over time and continue spreading. You will reap the
rewards of a fully connected, trusting relationship. When couples trust
each other and are connected, amazing things can happen.