Rihanna Might Testify, Returns To Work

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Her attorney says she will cooperate. Meanwhile, she returns to the studio.

It appears that Rihanna is ready to move on from the Chris Brown incident, although the singer is prepared to testify if she is requested. Her attorney Donald Etra has said, "She is planning to do everything that the law requires her to do. If she is required to testify, she will do so." He added that Rihanna is ready for the whole incident to be over, stating, "The fact is, Rihanna desires that it be quick and expeditious.  She wants to get back to her life and her career."

It also appears that the singer is trying to do just that, with reports that the singer has slowly started to return to work. Her producer, Adonis Shropshire, said in a recent interview with HipHopHollywood.com, "She's doing OK.  I mean, of course [with] the situation, she's all right." He goes on to explain, "You have to remember, she's still a kid.  With anybody in the world that goes through something, you have to bring yourself out of it. So I guess her refuge is her music, of course, as it should be. Of course, there's still remnants of whatever from time to time. But she's definitely trying to move forward."

Rihanna wasn’t present when Chris Brown was charged with two felony counts this past Thursday. Hopefully the whole thing will work out so she can move on with her life and her music.

Scoop courtesy of Us Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.