Nicole Richie Tells Tila Tequila To Back Off

joel madden and nicole richie
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Nicole Richie will not have some floozy flirting it up with her man.

Sometimes a woman can only take so much. In fact, just the other day a woman who is famous for the sake of being famous told another woman who is famous for the sake of being famous to "back the sh*t off my man, ET*." According to Celebitchy, Nicole Richie told Tila Tequila, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from whichever Madden brother she's dating (kidding, she's dating Joel Madden, we think).

Evi-don't-ly, the diminutive MySpace star (remember MySpace?) was flirting (or maybe just conversing) with Joel Madden and wouldn’t take Nicole Richie's hint to maybe 'slow her roll' a tad bit. Naturally, voices were raised, positions were made clear and firm and the planet’s axis swung back into alignment. Hopefully, Nicole Richie didn't grab Joel's junk ala Lois Griffin and tell everyone to back off and that "this" was her property because "this is where my babies come from."

The folks over at Celebitchy had some good insight into the situation and perhaps a little wistfulness. But what have we learned from this situation? A) Do nothing to make a pregnant woman think that the man who gave her the 9-month flu has anything else on his mind than her and the baby's wellbeing. B) Pregnant women have hormones, territorial issues and possibly super strength. C) Tila Tequila may be less than trustworthy. Sure, she probably is way more interested in what Joel Madden can do for her than what he can do to her, but she best use better judgment on a go-forward basis.

Nicole Richie knows all about broads who creep, she was besties with Paris Hilton for Perez's sake! Tila Tequila was damn lucky that these shenanigans didn't get pulled today (March 6th). Nicole would have gone "remember the Alamo" Day on her. (Note: this joke is only funny because Tila Tequila, nee Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, is Vietnamese and not actually from Mexico).

Thoughts? Ideas? Jokes we missed?

*No one was actually told to "back the sh*t off" or called an "alien," poetic license, sorry.

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