Why Your Sex Life Is A No-Brainer

woman sleeping alone

Over thinking your sex life can find you sleeping alone.

Do you consider yourself one super smart lady? Do you lie awake at night analyzing your brilliance? Do you spend those same nights alone? And although you're intelligent, you can't figure out why? Well, it turns out there's a scientific explanation (whoa, calm down there, smarty-pants) to it all. Well, kinda. It may not be so much scientific, but it does explain why you're not getting laid.

1. You spent too much time reading your biology books, rather than your biological needs growing up. In other words, while others were having sex in the high school parking lot, you were discovering the formula for nuclear energy.

2. You feel entitled. You're used to hard work equaling reward. But, just because you received the Noble Peace Prize and a Pulitzer, doesn't mean people necessarily wanna have sex with you.

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