Tom Brady Talks Turn-Ons

Gisele and Tom Brady

A couple of notes about turn-ons and grooming from Gisele’s man.

We were recently invited to interview Tom Brady for the launch of the new Stetson cologne, All American Stetson. Brady, the face of Stetson, was available via videoconference to answer questions about the brand, his likes and dislikes but, of course, any and all questions pertaining to a leggy Brazilian bombshell and a wedding were off-limits. But for those of you who want to hook an all-American hottie, Tom did answer all the questions we cared to ask about turn-ons and grooming. Read on, Brady fans:

Q: Where is the sexiest place a woman can apply fragrance?
A: Tom’s reply was very spot-on: "Any place where my nose is next to: right under the ear, with my nose right there. And if I want to say something, I can. I’m already right next to it."

Q: What do you find sexy in a woman?
A: Tom says that comfort in your own skin is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tall, thin, full figured. He said, "Confidence. The sexiest people are always confident. The way you carry yourself is important to me."

Q: Do you have a grooming regimen?
A: Tom evidently has a showering fetish, as in he showers a lot. He shampoos like a demon (and is evidently aware that it’s not really that good for him but he likes to be clean.) He’s meticulous about having a fresh haircut and as a quarterback he always uses hand cream on his hands to take care of them and body lotion. And, of course, he uses Stetson.

Q: Is All American Stetson a fragrance that a man buys for himself, or one that a woman buys for a man?
A: Tom says that women should buy fragrances for their men. He said, "It makes it really simple for men. Men can try five different scents. And then your significant other says, "why did you buy that? It smells terrible." It’s safer to just have your woman buy it for you."

Q: (YourTango’s question!)How important is the role ragrance plays in setting the mood for a romantic evening?
A: Tom thnks it’s always important! He said, "Men find flowers, music, lighting, cleanliness and scent important. You want that person walking away saying damn, you smell good."

Well, so there you have it: our interview with the charming quarterback himself. Honestly, we have to say, after interviewing him and smelling the cologne, we get why Gisele might not let him out her sight for too long

Photo courtesy of Splash News.