Vince Vaughn Appears To Be Engaged

vince vaughn engaged
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The Break Up's star is supposedly engaged to Canadian Kyla Weber.

Damn, dude. Another one bites the dust. It's like that scene in Chasing Amy when Amy tells the other lesbians that she's decided to go hetero for Ben Affleck. Now the bacheloriest dude in Hollywood, Vince Vaughn, has decided it's time to get hitched. According to Huffington Post (check out more details there), the loquacious actor has become engaged to a woman called Kyla Weber (we've always wondered if "Weber" is pronounced "wee-bur" or "webb-ur," any ideas?). And her daddy has supposedly confirmed the match.

Damn, dude. In addition to not being an A-List actress, Kyla Weber is a real estate agent from Canada. In all fairness, after actress, model and exotic dancer, real estate agent is the most logical job for a really attractive woman. And we've known a few Kylas in our lives and almost all of them have been really fun and sometimes partially crazy (usually good crazy, like they'd be a real handful in the sack).

Damn, dude. It looks like the dream of a Vince Vaughn – Jennifer Aniston reunion is over. Double V may have read one too many Us Weekly articles about the John Mayer reality and decided that there'd be no happy ending sequel to The Break Up.

Damn, dude. We read that Reese Witherspoon strongly identified with her character in Four Christmases but it's almost unfathomable that Vince Vaughn may have too. Maybe all of his buddies are doing the family thing and he's getting tired of bird-dogging betties with Justin Long. "What an idiot! Good. Good more for me and you."

Damn, dude. Is chasing tail all around the globe too pricey for even A-List celebrities? We're shaking in our boots if this downer economy (we do our best not to use the "R" word or, Nirvana forbid, the big "D" word) is affecting our celebrities. If Clooney announces a marriage, we might start with the hoarding and profiteering, just to be on the safe side.

Damn, dude. What do you think about Vince Vaughn's moving up and moving on? End of an era?

Damn, dude. Photos: Splash