Former NFL Star Strahan ‘Bugged’ Girlf’s Car?

michael strahan

Allegedly, Michael Strahan put a tracking device in Nicole Murphy's Range Rover.

Yoinks. Going on the old idea that men are controlling, Michael Strahan allegedly took it too far. According to Wowowow, the former New York Giants defensive end has been accused of dropping a LoJack (rather than a quarterback) on girlfriend Nicole Murphy's car.

The story goes that Nicole Murphy caught the NFL's single season sackmeister installing a tracking device on her Range Rover (yes, her price range is Rover) due to his suspicion that she was banging music exec Demetrius Spencer. While her car was in the shop, the mechanic (technician, whatever) noticed some sort of device that did not show up in the Rover's user's manual. The GPS device was promptly removed, though luckily for Strahan not tied to the back of a migrating pigeon or New York City sewer rat.

You may know that Nicole Murphy was formerly married to Eddie Murphy (heh heh heh). Not the wife who he was married to (though not legally) for about a week. That was Tracy Edmonds (formerly married to Babyface Edmonds). Nicole Murphy is the lady who gave birth to five-eighths of Eddie's kids. The official reason for their divorce was irreconcilable differences (like having to discuss is brilliant characterizations in The Nutty Professor over and over again), though kooky behavior on Eddie Murphy's part was rumored. She's been dating Michael Strahan since some time in 2007.

This isn't Michael Strahan's first time getting in some ish because of significant other. You may remember his divorce back in 2006 included some outrageous accusations of some pretty possessive behavior among other things. All of these allegations about a man who was considered to be the Shaq of the NFL (big, strong, jovial). On the other hand, he did help the Giants beat the then-undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

In summary, women (humans) aren't possessions, even the ones who choose to be objectified. Sometimes seemingly reasonable people do crazy in the name of love. And, finally, planting tracking devices is a task best left to professionals like Boba Fett and James Bond. We'll wait and see if any of this is true before further commenting.

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