Did Chris Brown Alert the Media?

Chris Brown
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Questions arise about how paparazzi knew about secret weekend getaway.

We reported yesterday the suspicion that Rihanna and Chris Brown might have possibly-maybe-sorta gotten married this past weekend during their reunion at Diddy’s Star Island mansion in Miami. Now, some other media outlets (including us) are asking about another suspicious item and what seems to be obvious question: how did the paparazzi learn of the secluded reunion? Star Island is a gated community in Miami that is well sought-after for its security and privacy, counting Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan among its residents for this reason. Well, according to a source, Chris Brown tipped them off the paps in a media strategy to get coverage of their reunion. The source states, "Chris tipped off the photographers. He needs it to be out there that he and Rihanna are back together. His only chance for a career was if she got back together with him, and he wanted people to see them there."

Add to this the sad rumor that Rihanna may refuse to testify against Chris. The British Sun gained a quote from an insider with the Los Angeles Police Department who reportedly said, "She has had a change of heart and doesn't want the case to proceed." Understanding that under California law prosecutors can still charge a person with domestic violence, even if the two parties involved reunite, this still makes what looks to be a very sad situation even worse and add complications for any legal proceedings.

Chris Brown is in court today for his February 8th arrest related to the Rihanna incident. We’ll keep you posted but seriously, is it us or does this whole situation scream S.O.S.?

Scoop courtesy of Page Six. Photo courtesy of Splash News.