Nicole And Joel To Make Family Whole?

nicole richie and joel madden
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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are rumored to be wedding planning.

After giving birth to her first kid, one adorable little Harlow Winter Kate Madden Richie Morgan Stanley Jacoby & Myers, it was said that Nicole Richie laid down the law about future children: there would be none without a wedding ring or a really good excuse. The daughter of the man who brought us "Hello," A) will have another of Joel Madden's babies the next nine months, and B) may be getting married before then.

According to Showbiz Spy, the Good Charlotte frontman and the one half of The Simple Life are planning a wedding due to the impending arrival of child number two. The tale goes on to say that Nicole Richie may have the perfect ham napkin (prematurely purchased wedding gown) in the back of her closet. Tremendous! How often does that ever work out so well? Usually when you purchase "the perfect wedding gown" without any serious wedding prospects it sits in mothballs until your tastes, waistline or sanguinity about marriage prospects change irreversibly.

What have we learned today about Nicole Richie? Numbero Uno) The former chubby Robin to Paris Hilton's svelte Batman has come a long way. Were they to create a new show she may even be the Alpha up in that piece. Numbero Dos) She keeps the ish out of her word, right? She allegedly said something to the effect of, "hey broham, if you want this baby-maker to keep putting out lil Maddenos, put-a-ring-on-it." Numero Tres) Nicole Richie has a pretty good eye for what she may like in the future. Sure, YSL makes timeless gowns but still, but what luck! And Numbero Cuatro) These guys have a good thing going for them. Not to say they might not get visited by the divorce fairy but they look like they got it going on. If Good Charlotte ever dries up or Nicole Richie stops making money from whatever it is she does, they could teach a seminar or something to other celebrity couples. What if Britney knew then what Nicole Richie knows now?

Ideally, we didn't just jinx the whole kit and kaboodle.

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