Is Lindsay Becoming Jewish For Sam?

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan reportedly considering converting for her girlfriend.

Lindsay Lohan is definitely not afraid to experiment in all aspects of her life. Rumor has it that the star wants to convert to Judaism to prove her love for her girlfriend, deejay Samantha Ronson. Lohan recently jetted off to London to attend the bar mitzvah of Samanthan’s half-brother, Joshua, and might be looking to make a more permanent move to the religion in support of her sweetie. Commenting on the rumor is (as always) her estranged father, Michael Lohan, who is a born-again minister. Mr. Lohan told the London Daily Mail, "She's explored the Church of Scientology, she tried kabbalah, and now this. I think it's just another phase. But either way, she's involving God in her life, and I'm happy about that."

No comment from Lindsay on the matter has been received but we’re pretty sure there’s a Myspace blog entry coming about it soon. Wait for it.

Scoop courtesy of Page Six. Photo courtesy of Splash News.