Chris Brown and Rihanna Married?

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Rumors are flying the two tied the knot in Miami this past weekend.

This just in from the "you have got to be kidding" newsdeck: rumor has it that Chris Brown and Rihanna got married this weekend. Sorry, we should have told you to put your coffee down before dropping that little note into your lap.

Anyway, Star is reporting that when Chris and Rihanna reunited this past weekend at Diddy’s place on the ultra-exclusive Star Island in Miami, Chris was so overwhelmed and sorry that he apologized, begged her for forgiveness, proposed to her right then and there and… she said yes.  (We know, we have the "?!?" look on our faces as well.)

A source told the magazine, "All she's ever wanted was to be with him forever.  Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25. She believes in fairy tales, and she wants to live hers with Chris. She was totally up front and confessed to him, 'I can't live without you.'" Supposedly a minister was called to the island. No further details are available.

Whether this rumor is true remains to be seen but concept is so disturbia that we just can't get our minds around it.

Scoop courtesy of Star Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.