Katie Holmes Is Tired Of Lies

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise

Invites everyone over for dinner to see how normal her family is.

We've all heard the stories. TomKat is a publicity stunt. Little Suri is computer-generated. Tom Cruise is an alien. Katie Holmes is pregnant (again and again and again).

Well, dear celebrity watchers, Mrs. Cruise has had enough. She says she's tired of the lies and tired of the chatter and that everyone who's ever speculated about the legitimacy of her family should just: "Come over and have dinner…see what there is to see."

At least that's what she's telling April's special 70th anniversary issue of Glamour magazine. But she doesn't stop there. Holmes wants to make something very clear: it's time to step off the Suri-hating bandwagon, particularly those who raised questions about  the 2 year old's existence during her earliest days.

"Some of the stuff [people said] was such absolutely horrible things to say about a child. It was so uncalled for and so disgusting. Enough is enough."

As for her relationship with Tom, Katie insists that it's solid, that he is an unwavering partner and family man, and that he has been since day one.

"During the first couple of days [with Suri], we would just sleep right next to her to make sure she was breathing. And I was constantly learning on the job, but Tom was very helpful and supportive."

Finally, one last thing: Katie wants you to know that, contrary to all the rumors, she and Tom are absolutely positively "not pregnant right now."

Very good, Mrs. Cruise. We've got it. Enough is enough. No more questions about your family. You have no bun in the oven.

Now onto bigger fish…that dinner you spoke of. Does Sunday work for you? May we bring a date? And most importantly, will you be serving real food or the kind that's prepared on spaceships?

Scoop courtesy of People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.