Sean Penn Unsure If Madonna's New BF Is Her Son


BF's former GF, Jose Canseco also have questions.

Entertainment Wise is claiming that Sean Penn, the newly crowned Oscar winner for Best Actor in a Leading Role, has no problem being both funny and dramatic. According to their sources, the Milk star enjoyed poking fun at ex-wife Madonna's current boy toy, Jesus Luz, during a recent run-in.

Apparently, it all began when the queen of Kabbalah extended her praise to Penn for his award-winning big-screen depiction of gay activist Harvey Milk. Penn's response was reportedly, "Thanks," and then referring to Madge's 22-year-old model boyfriend, "Another kid already?"


Sadly for Madge, Penn isn't the only ex laughing at the age difference between the 50-year-old pop singer and her Brazilian lover. Jose Canseco (yes, that's right, there was another baseball player in Madonna's life before A-Rod) told Us Magazine at the 7th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational over the weekend that he also finds the relationship worthy of guffaws.

"Doesn't she realize she is 60-years old?," he asks, throwing in some extra years for good measure. "When she is 80, what is she going to date — a guy who is 10 years old? It's getting crazy!"

And it seems that Madonna's aren't the only exes weighing in on her latest May-December romance. Even Krishna Siqueira, Jesus Luz's 20-year-old former flame, has spoken up, telling Brazilian magazine Quem (as quoted in The Daily Mail) that Madonna is more or less a home wrecker, but at least the kind of home wrecker who's good for one's career.

"I wasn't expecting this at all," she says of the breakup. "But I managed to separate my emotions from the professional aspect. I understand his view because I want to have success as well."

It's a shame that more people can't look at things the same way as young Krishna. After all, would celebrity rags even be talking to half these people if it weren't for their distant associations with Madonna?

And lest there be any question: Yes, Jose Canseco, we're talking to you.

Photo: Splash News