Javier Bardem Is Actually An OK Guy

javier bardem and penelope cruz

He missed Penelope Cruz's Oscar victory for a pretty decent reason.

Sure, Javier Bardem was not at the Academy Awards to see girl Penelope Cruz become the first lady Spaniard to win an Oscar. But what business is it of yours, friendo? Sometimes couples support each other in other ways; Like having a hot menage with a busty, diminutive American or flipping a coin to decide if you'll go to the Oscars or shoot her in the head with an air-compressed piston. We Americans can't be expected to understand what goes through the minds of good-looking Spanish people. They eat dinner at 10 PM and sometimes take naps in the afternoon for chrissakes.

But according to LimeLife, it was a case of the old, creaky back that kept Javier Bardem from watching Penelope Cruz's triumph at the Oscars for her role in Vicky Christina Barcelona. The smolderingly handsome (so we hear) actor injured himself while shooting a scene for his forthcoming film Biutiful [sic]. Evidently, things like "a herniated discs," "medication" and "doctors' orders" trump supportiveness, sometimes. Were this a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, he would have made it, possibly with a wild beard, a magical shirt and being carried by the entire town of Macondo. But alas, magical realism wasn't the order of the day.

Granted, a herniated disc is a major injury and if Javier Bardem is 10% as cool as he seems, he would have been there if humanly possible. But a less cool dude, perhaps someone prone to sour his grapes, it would look a little selfish-ish for him to skip an awards show just because his girlf (su novia) was the favorite to win for a movie he was in (Vicky Christina Barcelona) but not nominated for. A little like when old Brian Austin Green bailed on the Golden Globes. Just sayin'.

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