The Bachelor Finale Shocker!


In an unprecedented move, Jason Mesnick changed his mind.

Does anyone else have whiplash after last night's finale of ABC’s The Bachelor? We're still trying to process everything. For those of you who didn’t watch it (and for those who are chatting it up around the water cooler this morning), let’s recap. On last night's finale Jason Mesnick, this season's single dad Bachelor and a fan favorite, is down to his final two women: former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney. With a surprise (not really) visit from former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas who claims to have made a mistake by picking her now ex-fiancee Jesse Csincsak over Jason, we get thrown our first curve ball. Luckily for those who believed in Jason, he decides to stay the course with Melissa and Molly so we've got our shot at our Hollywood ending. Then at the final rose ceremony, he sends Molly packing in an emotional exchange where she tells him "I think you’ve made a mistake, a big one." He asks Melissa to marry him in a very emotional exchange and they jump in the pool for a happily ever after.

Cut to the After The Rose show and the happy couple isn't so happy. Mesnick tells Bachelor host Chris Harrison that the "chemistry is completely different" than he expected with Rycroft and that he hasn't been able to stop thinking of Malaney! In what has to be the most complicated move since coverage of Olympic diving, he then tells the completely shocked and justifiably upset Rycroft, "We're not right for each other." Rycroft gives him the ring back, the show brings Malaney out, where he asks her for another shot at a relationship, to which she replies, "I think we can see where things go."

As the only successful marriage out of this long-running television series belongs to former Bachelorette pairing Trista and Ryan Sutter, any takers on this relationship making it past the next six months? Could you safely give your heart to someone who broke up with you on national television to propose to another woman and THEN take a chance on him after he dumps her on national television to change his mind and pursue you? If you do, you're way braver than we are about the situation. 

Additional scoop courtesy of Us Magazine. Photo courtesy of Splash News.