Problems with Mother In Law


Hi friends,

I have this bugging question or rather a problem.  It seems that my mother in law does not like me at all and our marriage is so called not really "bothered" by her.  She thinks that my husband could have gotten a better woman; don't know why.  We married with her knowledge but she did not even bother to want to come to our wedding, even though she could have asked. 

The thing is, after some time, I've started to see some strains in my marriage life.  Or perhaps just on my end.  Although my husband does not want to admit it, I know that he feels sad deep within but nothing could change his mom's attitude towards our marriage.  And he is no longer in contact with his mom, only during certain occasions would he come visit and the visits were filled with sarcasm from the mom towards us.  And my husband is not someone that is favored by his mom too, since he has other siblings that his mom fancies more.  How can I save my marriage..? 

My husband is always sleeping early everyday and he always admits that he's fine though I don't think that he is.  And it's not helping that my husband had been abused when he was little; his dad beat him pretty bad and so, his self confidence since then have not been that good.  And with no one to defend him; not even his siblings.  I feel like our life is a sad case, especially with his mom having that kind of mentality towards us still.

Any advices are welcome.