Idol's Joanna Pacitti & DWTS's Mark Ballas An Item

mark ballas dating joanna pacitti

The reality TV personalities find love, and possibly 15 more minutes, in each other.

Don't cry for Joanna Pacitti. Sure, she was disqualified from American Idol. But the 24-year-old singer is happily living the dream in a way that no other top 36 contender ever has.

In addition to now having a semi-recognizable name, well-publicized possible record deals, and reported friendships with executives at 19 Entertainment (a primary reason for her disqualification from American Idol, due to the company's involvement with the show), she now also has a high-profile romance with another sort-of-famous face in the world of reality television: Mark Ballas.

Best known as one half of season six's Dancing With The Stars champion couple (opposite Kristi Yamaguchi), Ballas refers to Pacitti as "the most supportive person in my life."

The coupling may come as a convenient surprise to many (particularly those who know Ballas is trying to promote his new album with fellow DWTS pro and BFF Derek Hough, entitled BHB and available March 10), but Ballas and Pacitti say that everything came about naturally.

Eight months ago, Ballas was in North Carolina, training with Yamaguchi for DWTS. Pacitti was also in North Carolina doing, well, we don't know what. And while the two tell People they'd "been friends for a long time" before that, it wasn't until then that their shared interests exploded into something truly magical and possibly marketable.

"We both love music, we both love art, we both love dance," explains Ballas, 22. "That’s what we’re all about so we are always there for each other."

Pacitti seconds that. "I think we have the perfect situation. We both get each other and understand schedules and even on a musical level, I’ve never met someone that’s so passionate about music."

Truly, it sounds like a match made in reality TV heaven.

At least until March 10, that is.