No Bun In The Oven For Nicole Kidman?

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Some sharp eyes thought they detected a baby bump during a press junket for Australia.

Is she? Isn't she? Are they trying? How long have they been trying? Is there a curse? All reasonable questions when it comes to new offspring in Nicole Kidman's future.

According to I'm Not Obsessed, the Australian ginger is with child. Apparently, the actress was sporting what resembled a baby bump and kept her hands in the region of said tummy while doing promo work for Australia in Japan.

But according to Fametastic, her representatives have quashed these rumors.  Sometimes women are just a little gassy, aight? And sometimes women are a little appendicitis-y. While we probably would have her if Nicole Kidman had an emergency appendectomy*, celebrity gas is seldom reported in the mainstream media, unless wild man, comedic actor Jeff Portnoy is doing another of his The Fatties films.

Being wildly superstitious, we'd be really surprised if Nicole Kidman did become pregnant any time soon. First of all, to our knowledge, she has spent very little time in the fecund waters of the Kununurra since she finished filming Australia. Secondly, while promoting Australia (the film, the country and the state of mind), she blew into a didgeridoo on German TV. This is, allegedly, a good way to go barren. And finally, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes haven't had another perfect child yet. This appears to be one of those one for them, one for us scenarios.

The real question, in our minds, is why does Nicole Kidman insist on dating men shorter than her? Outside of Conan O'Brien, are there just not very many tall (or average height) men in entertainment? Nicole Kidman is supposed to be 5'10 1/2" (like a super model) and that makes Keith Urban about 5'8" or 5'9". Maybe it's a power thing.

*Is there such thing as a routine or preventative appendectomy? Isn't the procedure, by its nature, an emergency?

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