Kate Hudson And Owen Wilson Want A Kid?

owen wilson and kate hudson
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The You, Me And Dupree costars are said to be taking things to the next level.

Remember when Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson decided to make yet another go at it and we were all sort of apprehensive? But then we were all like, "you know, maybe they are perfect for each other. They're adults, they can handle probable handle the ups and downs and ins and outs of a topsy-turvy Hollyweird relationship. No one else is going to get hurt, right?*"

That may no longer be the case. Per Digital Spy, the star-crossed stars could cross into mutual parenthood. The hearsay mentions a few biggies: 1) one of the past iterations of Kate + Owen went south because of some comedic actor's unwillingness to commit; B) Kate Hudson really wants a sibling for her son Ryder (would the name Gunnar work for another boy or would Dupree be a good choice?); and III) everything will be different this time around. Works for us! Not that we know didgeridoo about Owen Wilson's real life personality, but it seems like he'd be a fun dad. Hopefully not too fun. Like the parents who let their kids smoke pot and look at nudy magazines.

Maybe having a kid around will inspire Owen Wilson to write another movie about weird and fantastical upbringings like The Royal Tenenbaums. And according to Faded Youth Blog, Owen Wilson totally is living up to his fun dad preconception by eating a dog biscuit (due to a lost bet) on German television with Jennifer Aniston. And because she's a good sport, Jennifer Aniston ate one too. To be fair, these two child-coveting stars really are setting a good example: A) Owen shows never to welsh on your bets; 2) Jennifer Aniston has the old "see, I ate it too" trick down pat; and iii) by going on German television they've both set a good example to do whatever it takes to get the job done (i.e. promoting a dog movie to a German audience, though having David Hasselhoff do it probably would have been better).

Do you buy into this "insider report" of impending parenthood for Kate + Owen Version 3?

*Kate Hudson does have another kid, but we're guessing that ex-husband Chris Robinson keeps a good eye on that whippersnapper.

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