Seinfeld To Helm New Reality Show About Marriage

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Seinfeld is back and set to make you laugh—or cringe—out loud.

There have been reality shows on how to nab a bachelor or bachlorette, and reality shows on how to win over a Mama's Boy's mom. We've even caught glimpses of what celeb marriage is like through footage of life at home with the Osbournes and the Hogans. Now, in a new reality show expected (but not confirmed) to make its debut on NBC this fall is American Idol meets Wife Swap with Jerry Seinfeld manning the camera.

In the new reality show, currently being called The Marriage Ref, couples in conflict will hash out their disputes in front of a panel of celebrities, comedians and athletes who will judge them and make recommendations on how to mend their unions, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

Seinfeld,  executive producer and creator of the show, will link arms with Ellen Rakieten of The Oprah Winfrey Show, who will also be an executive producer. This is the first series Seinfeld has committed to since his sitcom finale in 1998, reports Fox News. In the hour-long episodes, Seinfeld, 54, will bring to bear his nine years of marriage experience.

Set your TiVo now. This show is sure to serve up drama with a capital D and may inspire more than a few, "I can't believe s/he said that!" comments. We say it's worth checking out, at least for the first episode. Who knows? Maybe celeb-inspired analysis will even save a few marriages that are now on the skids. How's that for couples therapy?