Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together

rihanna chris brown

The couple has reunited, apparently at Diddy's house in Miami.

Weeks after Rihanna and Chris Brown's names became (potentially forever) linked to domestic violence, the couple has apparently rekindled their romance, according to People.com.

An unnamed source told the site that the efforts to reconnect have been "mutual" and that the young pair "care for each other." Feelings aside, the world will watch in wonderment as Rihanna takes back a man who allegedly beat her on the night of February 8. Brown was arrested for making criminal threats, but charges have not been pressed.

Since the night of the assault, which left the 21-year-old singer with visible signs of battery, rumors have swirled that Brown's attempts to apologize weren't cutting it, that Rihanna was pregnant with Brown's child and that the fight began with Brown receiving a "booty call" text message. Today's story reports that the pair is staying at Diddy's house in Miami. (No word whether he's Twittering about it or not.)

Regardless of the circumstances, we know that a woman was beaten and most likely by her boyfriend. And now she's allegedly forgiven him and taken him back. While the chance for reformation exists and Brown's guilt remains a question, people have begun referring to the couple as the new Ike and Tina Turner. If only that were a reference only to Rihanna's gams and vocal chords, we all might happier about it.

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