Is This Why Men Don't Ask For Directions?

man woman map directions

How men and women look at art sheds light on gender differences.

So, I'm gonna share these findings with you, but don't get all like, "stereotypes lead to stigmas" on me okay? This is just a little something scientists are playing with and I am simply reporting on. Don't shoot, beat, or curse at the messenger. It's frowned upon.

A new study out yesterday found, the way women and men understand art might help us to understand how both sexes make sense of their surroundings.

The study gives the example that women are hopeless when it comes to direction and men are more apt to lose things. And although this might be semi-true (I am pretty pathetic when it comes to getting around town), I have friends who could rival Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild—But that is neither here, nor there.

What's more important? When researchers showed men and women pieces of art, they discovered that, while only the right hemisphere of the man's brain lit up, both hemispheres of the woman's became engaged.

Seeing as though the left side of the brain equals the side that deals with co-ordinates, scientists came to the hasty conclusion that men are better when it comes to orientation.

They found that women, on the other hand, paid more attention to detail, and were better at close-range observation and awareness of the objects around them. They determined this was due to fact that we employ both sides of our brains equally.

Well, aren't we special...

To get even more cliche and a little irritating, scientists speculate that these brain differences developed back in the day when men depended on their coordinating abilities to track animals, while women relied on close spatial awareness in order to concentrate on the home, the babies and the darning of the socks.

That last one is a lie—everyone knows cavemen don't wear socks.

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