Holly Madison & Criss Angel Quit Each Other

holly madison and criss angel

The sun sets on the Playmate and the Mindfreak's relationship.

Dammit. Damn it all. According to Candy Kirby, the dream is over for Holly Madison and Criss Angel: Mindfreak. The couple had been going strong for what can only be described as months of time. As you may or may not remember, Holly Madison was Hugh Hefner's number one bunny and she threw it all away because A) Hugh Hefner was reticent to do the marriage/ kids thing (sort of a “I have been there and I have done that” sentiment, we believe); and B) that magic son of gun is charming (or is a master of hypnosis and suggestion).

(Candy Kirby drops a good one about pulling out the Kleenex about this one. And maybe she intended it as an alligator tears sort of gag but we're always a little tickled when people mention Kleenex and Playboy models in the same breath.)

At any rate, it appears that the former playmate is leaving Las Vegas for LA to pursue some new career stuff. And we're guessing that Criss Angel will stay in Sin City and continue practicing whatever brand of witchcraft that allows him to enchant every starlet who shakes her moneymaker past his glance. (Check out WhosDatedWho for the list. Though a few of these are pure conjecture, it's pretty impressive, no?)

As for Holly Madison, her career has some prospects, one would think. She certainly wasn't the, um, flightiest of the Girls Next Door but she also isn't exactly Jenny McCarthy. Ideally, someone will have a bikini-friendly, cable unintentional comedy program on the horizon. At worst, she could always tuck her cottontail between her legs and hop on down to the Playboy Mansion. A Girls Next Door reunion show could be huge.

Don't worry about Criss Angel; he'll be fine. When one door closes, a trap door swings open. At some point in their lives, almost all women have thought, "Criss Angel is much sexier than Cats, I want to do him again and again."

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