Here we are....


Kenneth is 52 and I am 38 I know that seems like alot but he is so good for me sometimes it just seems unreal.
Our sex life is totally out of this world, nobody has ever gotten to me like he has...hard to say it but not even Lee in 22 yrs..ever made me feel the way I do. I had just about wrote off having sex until I experienced it with Kenneth.
BUT I have a problem and dont know what to do about it..the problem is he gets distant..and it is hard to reach him sometimes and he tells me it doesnt have anything to do with me but it is effecting me not knowing what is bothering him. I know him welkl enough to know when something is wrong. I have to have total openness. No secrets. I had too many with Lee and it destroyed us. I did learn from those yrs what I need and I cant settle for any less. Kenneth agrees same thing but he holds back from do I get him to open up to me like I do him or do I just let it go and let him distance when he needs too.