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Taking a "break" : Boys v Girls


In today's society there is a term among relationship vocabulary that has caused much confusion and even hurt feelings.  This is when a couple decides to "take a break." What is taking a break? and why does it cause so much problems.  Well, first of all there must have a been a problem in the first place for this break to take place and secondly, girls and boys just view it differently.
While watching a movie where a couple takes a break and insanity insues I asked my boyfriend what he thought taking a break was.  Compared to what I would imagine a "break" to be I realized again that girls and boys are vastly different.

Girls - You are still a couple! You aren't spending any time together, what-so-ever, but you are still offcially boyfriend and girlfriend.  If you so much as kiss another girl you are cheating, but you can't kiss your girlfriend either. Why? because you're on a break.
Boys - You are broken up and can "see" other people.  You just have a better chance of getting back together, that's all. Why? because you're on a break.

Any questions? Yes men, women are crazy.  And ladies, it's true - guys are stupid. 


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