My all new life


It all started about 5 yrs ago.. my neice worked for him when I first met Kenneth, I thaught wowwwee
At the time I was married (still am legally) and so was he (seperated and now widowed). I eventually wen to work for him as well..along with an old friend (so its said) 20 yrs before that my husband (Lee) and she had a thing..I didnt know about it then but was informed by him 10 yrs I was working with her..I told her what he told me she denied it. But then it all changed and they were all the time on the phone and his message box was full of messages from her. I was reading them without their knowledge. Meantime me and Kenneth are becoming real good friends, I could talk open with him cause I knew he wasnt going to blab it.I talked to him about what I was reading and told him of their past. Me and Lee were going out with her every Friday night and they made asses of themselves.When I confronted him on it he decided he wanted to seperate, I gave it to him he moved out...2 days before my birthday he told me he wanted a divorce and wanted me to call the (friend) and tell her I was ok with them being together and he just wanted a chance to be happy with her.. I BEGGED her..pleaded even please take him I dont want him anymore. Kenneth asked me to lunch one day out of the blue and we talked for a long time..this was 7 mos later..I told him my husband was mad at me cause I didnt fight for him or chase him and he thaught I was seeing Kenneth or another friend.. Me and Kenneth decided to start seeing eachother and I tild Lee this and he got all mad, and started threatening us both. Well when my so called friend found out..she called and asked him ..he admitted to it to her and she decided he didnt get a chance. This made him even madder by this time me and Kenneth and my sister had agreed to all move in together and share the bills all of us were seperated.. and here we are ...more to come


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