Anna Paquin Dating Her True Blood Co-Star

stephen moyer and anna paquin

Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton are dating off-screen too.

Anna Paquin; Rogue of the X-Men, lolita of the film 25th Hour and Sookie Stackhouse the telepathic fang-banger of True Blood is in love with a boy. And not any human boy, mind you, but a real, live vampire (actor) of her own. As much as we'd like to say that she and Robert Pattinson are hopping on the bad foot and doing the bad thing, she's actually dating her on-screen lover Stephen Moyer.

According to Starpulse, the stars have moved in together and Stephen Moyer says things are pretty darned good. The rationale behind keeping the thing secret was to avoid alienating the cast and crew of the show vis-à-vis some buster-ass sleeping around drama.  Good call, Bill Compton.

Is it just us or is there more and more on-screen romance turning into off-camera mishigas? Are actors these days more committed to their roles? Are they less able to differentiate between their character's love for a character and their love for their scene partner? Does that make them lesser actors? Or has this always been going down? And if so, should we give a little more slack to young actors (say, Dev Patel and Freida Pinto) when it accidentally happens?

We're always tickled salmon when a couple of people get together and it looks like a good match, but since we're such big True Blood fans, we like this match on a different level. Unless it messes up the on-screen chemistry, then forget about it. The one complaint we have (about both the on-screen romance and the off-camera shenanigans) is that it seems too soon. Sam chased Diane for years and the sexual tension was the magic of Cheers. JD and Eliot have been hot-and-cold for the better part of a decade and their friendship cum relationship cum frenemihood keeps Scrubs rolling along. Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse are too earnest for sort of yo-yo dating. And if they do split, we can only hope to Eric that she doesn't start a real-life relationship with Ryan Kwanten, her TV brother. A similar situation has threatened to put us off Dexter forever.

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