Sean Penn Omits Robin Wright On Purpose

robin wright penn and sean penn

The Oscar winner's Milk acceptance speech left out one important person.

OK. First of all, his acceptance speech was pretty funny and impressionable. Second of all, can Sean Penn promise to take a chill pill now that he has two Oscars? Remember when Tom Hanks was a real jerk and was always scowling (we heard he almost bit John Candy's nose off during the filming of Volunteers*) but then he won two Oscars and was suddenly a decent guy? Or was that Russell Crowe? Never you mind, the point is that Sean Penn should look into being a little nicer. And maybe a touch more appreciative.

According to The Frisky (and the speech transcript), Sean Penn failed to thank Robin Wright Penn from his acceptance speech and it was on purpose. Apparently, he discussed with her before the show that he loves her and the kids but was going to keep it professional which must explain all of the shout-outs to the "commies" and "homo-loving sons of guns." Uh, weren't these guys, Penn and Wright Penn, on the road to divorce a few months ago; allegedly because of infidelity? Would it really have been such a hard thing to say, "And always, my beautiful wife Robin and our goofball children" after he loved on Mickey Rourke?

Though he says, "I did not expect this," did he not take the eponymous role of Milk to win this shiny, nude bald man? Did he not go "full retard" with I Am Sam for a little bit of recognition? Did he not go "full Southern" with All The Kings Men for a little Academy love? Did he not accidentally and practically back into the award for Mystic River? We did not attempt to find the transcript to the Mystic River speech but it best have thanked Robin Wright Penn.

We know that saying the wrong name at a wedding is the least forgivable mistake you can make name-wise but is omission by accident or intent worse? And what's worse; omitting their name or saying the wrong name in bed? Discuss.

*That's a lie.

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