Prince William & Kate Middleton To Move In

prince william and kate middleton
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Are Wills and Kate Middleton one step closer to getting hitched?

We suppose that the rumors of the Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship demise were highly exaggerated. Per Celebitchy, the second in line for the throne is doing the opposite of breaking up with girlf Kate Middleton. Actually, he's not marrying her (right now) so not quite the opposite of a breakup. But moving in together is, um, pretty far from splitting up. Honestly, one of these cohabitation deals can sometimes stave off a breakup for years or even decades.

And instead of moving into some palace, castle or citadel, the couple is settling for a fort. As a RAF pilot-in-training, Wills is spending oodles of time at the base in Shropshire and has rented a home for himself and his lady friend/ special lady. Since the couple isn't married, old Kate Middleton will be a permanent guest at the home of "Lef-tenant" Wales as the married quarters are for "honest" couples only.

Interestingly, the Parliament's conservatives are kirking out about the number of couple cohabiting and the resultant children born out of wedlock. So, it's got to be a little grating when the boy who would be king (the once and future king?) decides to invite his girlf over for a little noncommittal house-playing. And as the one-day head of the Anglican church, it does make for a mildly awkward move. Then again, Prince Charles didn't marry Camilla Parker Bowles right away and the isles didn't sink into the Atlantic Ocean or, God forbid, the North Sea. Though, the rules seem to change for divorcees.

We suppose that even scions get to change with the times but six years is a fairly long time to go back and forth like this. And couldn't the UK really use another wedding of century? If something doesn't give soon, the Queen should threaten to arrange a marriage. They still have royalty in Monaco, right? Maybe that would be a better scheme for Prince Harry.

What's more impressive, eschewing centuries of tradition or landing a helicopter in your girlf's backyard?

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