Love Bytes: The Chick Flick Dilemma

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Love and sex on TV, in praise of missionary and the conundrum of chick flicks.

Love Bytes: three must-click love and relationships links.

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In praise of missionary position. [DivineCaroline]

The conundrum  of chick flicks. [Sirens Magazine]

I get why women love chick flicks. Be they a flirt or a feminist (here at Sirens we believe the two are not mutually exclusive), women love to see pretty, pretend versions of themselves going through exaggerated life scenarios that they themselves have experienced (or at least think they have)... Chick flicks have not only comforted and consoled me during times of emotional distress, they represented women in a way that didn’t make me cringe—not then, not now. Sadly, these precious few account for about five percent of the female-centric movie industry. The rest are, well, "Bride Wars."