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waiting for my soldier


Im waiting for my boyfriend (fiance soon! :-) ) to come home again. He just recently joined the Marines and graduated from bootcamp on February 13th, he was gone for 3 months. and our only communication was through letters. (except the 30 second phone call I recieved on Christmas). After he graduated he was home for 10 days and now hes off to North Carolina tomorrow and will be gone for another 3 months!. That was the fastest 10 days ever. I cant sleep so i decided to mess around on the computer and stumbled across this site. So if there are any women out there with men in the service, how do you get through all the waiting? Those 3 months of him being in bootcamp were horrible. Everyday seemed like a week. And i know at some point that he will be shipped out and ill have to wait up to 6 months to see him. I just need something to pass the time until hes back home again. Im hoping that it will get me through my long days and even longer nights.


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