Hayden and Milo Split Over Baby Scare?

Hayden Panettiere

Did the Heroes stars end their relationship over a pregnancy test?

We wouldn’t have reported it if a major news outlet hadn’t said anything but some folks over at the Chicago Sun-Times are speculating that Heroes stars Hayden Panettiere and now ex-boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia broke up over a pregnancy scare. Rumor has it that Hayden took the test and the false positive (and most likely the fact that she felt the need to take it at all) was the straw that broke the camel’s back. No further details on who broke up with who but speculation is that Milo may have been the one to bail. You know, as a 30 year-old guy dating a 19 year-old girl, a pregnancy scare could be just the thing to tip him over the edge.

We were never really sure about this May-December romance to begin with but we do agree that there’s really nothing like a pregnancy scare to turn a touchy situation into a ticking time bomb between a couple in trouble. We hope they’re both ok but let this rumor be a lesson to you all: be careful out there!

Scoop courtesy of Limelife. Photo courtesy of Splash News.