Science Works On Reinstating Foreskins

reverse circumcision

A new trend of non-circumcision is joined by reverse circumcision.

Yesterday, I bumped into a story about a device that allowed women to pee standing up. I didn't think it was a great idea* and it turns out that there are some pretty awful products out there just for men too.

According to the New York Observer's Spencer Morgan (via Gawker's Hamilton Nolan**), there are two new trends involving the foreskin; 1) fewer men are getting circumcised; and B) some men are trying to undo the ones that they have. And this foreskin resurrection is being accomplished by using devices to stretch skin up over the head. That's what I call a stimulus package (this thing is clearly not on). I just got that metallic taste in my mouth that you get before throwing up.

A device's whose sole job is "yanking skin up over their d*cks for extended periods of time," is not something I can endorse. This is on par with Enzyte but not quite as bad as a Swedish penis pump. When someone finds this olio of insecurity lying around your bedroom, all you can say is, "It's exactly what it looks like. Sorry." Especially, when the evidence of these things working is so lacking.

Obviously, the pump and the male enhancement tablet are more about pleasing someone else and the skin-yanking mechanism is more about regaining sensitivity. Though some studies argue that the difference in sensitivity (between the foreskin haves and have-nots) is negligible, it's not really the point (and can we really prove it?). A few studies have shown that removing the extra skin assuages some susceptibility to HIV, though not as much as using condoms and clean needles every time. Again, not the point. The thrust (groan) of foreskin restoration seems to be that a dude should be able to make decisions on what's best for their bodies (let this not become some rallying cry, aight).

But what about the other side? According to Lemondrop, most American ladies are initially freaked out about the prospect of a foreskin. In fact, entire repertoires  must be rethought to accommodate this heretofore unseen thing. And after the initial shock wears off (by the way, men, please forewarn your partner with something like "hold onto your f*cking hat" before showing them your non-snipped member) and techniques are adjusted, sex stuff with an uncircumcised bloke is basically the same.

So, the long and short of it is that maybe it's a good idea to let young chaps make their own decisions about circumcision but maybe you're just better off without the reverse circumcision trend. If sex is this pleasurable without it, it seems like any significant increase in pleasure may turn us into a nation of sex-addicted premature ejaculators. As well as men wearing weird contraptions that makes their doodle look weird (maybe it feels really good to wear). To each his own but this is a dissection that can't be undone, home-skillet.

*The pee device post was a little wide of YourTango's focus, sorry about that.

**Granted, Hamilton Nolan and Spencer Morgan are talented writers; it really helps having a last name for a first name. It's the equivalent of being a 6'11" basketball player, sure you have to still work hard but it beats being 5'10" and/ or named Tom Miller.