Dwyane Wade Sues Estranged Wife, Lawyers

dwyane wade

The Miami Heat super star sues wife Siovaugh Wade over VD claim.

Remember a lil while back when Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade's wife said that he gave her some sort of unidentified scorching in the genital region? Then Siovaughn Wade came out with a little ditty to the tune of, 'I was just funnin', ya'll.' And now Dwyane Wade has decided to burn her for realsie (not with Gonorrhea, that would be irony) with a lawsuit. 

According to the Associated Press, Dwayne Wade (or D Wade as he's been cleverly nicknamed) is lashing back at his wife and her legal team for at least $50,000 (some reports say $200,000) for the damage of infidelity cum VD has done to his reputation and further earning potential. Fair enough. People are willing to accept that sometimes adults do things outside of their marriage, particularly, it seems, when they are famous, but no one likes the idea of someone bringing some junk funk into the marital bunk.

The Wades have been in the process of divorcing for a year and it has been an ugly procession of proceedings. The former high school sweethearts must have had quite a falling out as the list of allegations against Mr. Wade are quite long (and not remotely distinguished, meaning it has little in common with Iceman's johnson). Though Siovaughn Wade is permitted to resubmit any of her retracted claims at any time, it sort of undermines her further credibility. Obviously, cranking up the sympathy factor is good way to score more loot in the divorce but it would be sweet if one of these high profile divorces featured a pair of people who could remember what they loved about the other person in the first place and keep in mind that no matter how much they don't want to be around the other that they have mutual children involved.

As much as we love Dwyane Wade's reckless and inspired play on the court and dedication to charity, for some reason we have a hard time believing that each and every one of Siovaughn Wade's accusations are categorically false. If they are, he deserves vindication (not to mention an apology). And we have a feeling that we won't be hearing an end to this saga for some time. Serious bummer, man.

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