"Best Mistress" Pageant Goes Awry (Shockingly)

best mistress pageant
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Bernie Madoff has company in the "Boy, Did I Let Power Go To My Head" corner.

Business was going bad for a Chinese tycoon, who decided in December to hold a "best mistress" pageant in order to cut costs and eliminate four of his five existing mistresses (that's right, five mistresses). Russian news agency Novosti reports that each mistress knew about the others. An allowance and free rent presumably helped to ease their jealousy, but the pageant—for which a modeling expert was brought in to help judge—pushed one mistress over the edge, literally.

After being the first mistress eliminated, the jilted 29-year-old woman invited the businessman and his four other lovers on a "mountain drive." Enraged, she drove the car off a cliff, killing herself and wounding the others.

Now, the businessman has paid her family $85,000 compensation. For what, exactly, we're not sure. Being a cad? Being an emotionally abusive jerkface?

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Besides the cash, the man lost his wife, business and remaining four mistresses. Plus, he can live the rest of his disgraced days with a woman's death on his conscience.

Stories like this and last year's Spitzer scandal leads one to think cheating just ain't worth it, but then again infidelity can be good for marriage. (Seriously, read how an affair saved this woman's union.)

Is infidelity a black and white issues or are there shades of grey when it comes to cheating?