Love Bytes: Is Staying In A So-So Marriage Fair?

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How to break up with your boyfriend, visiting a male strip club and a woman considering divorce.

Love Bytes: three must-click love and relationship links.

Have you seen this video, How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend In 64 Easy Steps? Well, The Frisky has written a response, How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend in 44 easy steps—20 fewer steps, since women are more efficient. [The Frisky]

A woman describes her first time a at a male strip club. [Lemondrop]

Is it fair to your husband to stay in a marriage if you feel ambivalent about the relationship? [First Wives World]

Would he be happier in the long run if we ended it now? Will he be able to find a different wife who isn't so stinking jaded? Am I not doing him any favors by sticking around?