Indian Boy Marries A Dog


In this eastern Indian village, marrying our one, true loyal mate could become a reality.

We're such squares here in the United States. We get up in arms about two consenting gay adults marrying, while across the globe in India a 2-year-old boy marries a dog and everybody cheers.

On Monday in the Jajpur district, a toddler was wedded in holy matrimony with a caramel-colored lady pooch. The marriage ceremony was traditional. There was a feast and priests chanted Sankrit prayers and hymns. The whole nine yards.

While we're sure dog and boy will care for each other in sickness and health, until death do they part and all that good stuff, the union wasn't a pairing of passion and true love. Shocking, we know. Rather the arranged marriage took place to help ward off "evil spirits and bad luck" in the "tribal dominated" Patarpur village. Apparently, it is considered a good omen to marry a dog. The boy's family hopes the act may in effect reverse a tooth defect ailing the kid.

Children getting married to dogs is actually a pretty popular practice in order to ward off and protect them from evil spirits and ghosts. While it may not be a traditional marriage, there are still some sanctities upheld. For one, dog and boy didn't see each other beforehand. The pooch spent time out on the verandah.