He married the wrong woman.


I am 26 years old and I have been dating this 37 year old man for about three years now.Out of all the men that I dated in my life he is the only one that comes close to being perfect in my life. He has met my whole family and they like him. he has been there for me through thick and thin through my bitchie moments and through my good moments. I have traveled with this man around the United states and met some of his family to.When I ask him why does he not take his wife he says cause he does not want to that he enjoys his time with me ,when he looks over on the plane its my face he wants to see. We are two good christian people and love god and each other very much but honestly its starting to hurt my heart beacuse I want someone who is going to come home to me and my kids and stay.  Like I said I love this man to death but I am not the one to break up a home and I dont like to see people hurt behind my actions especially kids. What should I do?


Expert advice

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