Secret Marriage For Freida Pinto?

freida pinto

Does the Slumdog Millionaire star have a neglected secret husband?

Hachi-machi. Before we get too far into this crazy rumor, let's start with the fact that it's origin is the Daily Mail. It's a famous UK tabloid, famous for getting it wrong rather frequently. They're the ones that butchered it on the last weird Verne Troyer (not Troy Verner, mom) rumor and left us holding the bag.

On to the likely fake (or misleading) news, per the Daily Mail, Freida Pinto may have a secret husband. Not a husband who likes to keep secrets (though he could also be that), but a wedding that took place on the DL and was withheld from the public eye in order to further her Bollywood and now Hollywood career. After Slumdog Millionaire, you'd think that the gorgeous Freida Pinto could probably drop the pretenses and keep getting roles but the inherit (and totally false) sense of "attainability" goes away when the masses know that an actress is actually off the market.

Per Scandalist, Freida Pinto was married all the way back in 2007 to a gentleman named Rohan Antao in the resort region of India called Goa. And now she's told him to go away (is this thing on?). The gossip says that old girl hasn't been in touch with Rohan Antao since the Golden Globes, which to be fair was only about 38 days ago. Who among us has just been a little too busy to call their husband back for slightly over a month?

If the Freida Pinto story holds up, she'll have some sort of change of heart when he goes on to win big on a wildly popular reality show and can provide her with lifestyle she's become accustomed to.*

We suppose if it's OK for a man to leave his supportive lady when he makes it big that turnabout is fair play, it is the 90s after all. What would you do if your spot got blown up and you could start dating mad famous people? What would you do if your significant other pulled the same ish?

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*We hope if he does do a reality show, he's exactly like this guy because the quiz show angle has been done to death.