Should You Tattle On A Friend's New Boyfriend?

friend boyfriend what would you do

"What Would You Do," ABC's new reality show, pits old friends against a new boyfriend.

Have you seen this new show on ABC, What Would You Do? It's like Candid Camera or Punk'd, but more serious. The show puts people in morally ambiguous situations to see how they would react. Last night's episode featured Sherry, a woman who wants to marry new boyfriend Mark, a much younger man (she's older than his mother). The setting is a steakhouse where Sherry is introducing Mark to her friends. When Sherry leaves the room Mark reveals that he wants to get hitched for a green card, but he asks her friends not to tell. The catch is that the couple is just acting—but her friends don’t know it.

What would you do in this situation? Love Buzz would tell the friend and urge her to wait before getting married. He said he was going to tell her, but what if he doesn't, and she ties the knot without knowing? When you first fall in love you feel high, like the other person is perfect, like you could be with them forever. But at some point (usually) that romance fades and you're left with an immature Irish guy who accidentally calls you mom. You owe a lot more to a friend than to this random guy you just met—even if your friend is in love with him. Not telling her would be like helping the guy.

One of her friends does end up tattling, but when she finds out the whole thing is a joke she says, "You got me to betray a confidence on camera. No one will ever trust me again." This Love Buzzer disagrees—we think she's a good friend.

What do you think?