Nerds Take Their Love All The Way To Deep Space 9


Star Trek fans compete to marry Spock-style.

The most romantic place in the Milky Way for nerds this past Valentine's Day wasn't a local Dungeons and Dragons chapter, a renaissance festival reunion, or even dear old Mom's basement. No, benevolent earthlings, it was a place even more thrilling and exotic than all those magical locations put together. It was Detroit.

Over the weekend, the Detroit Science Center became the final frontier for nine of the America's nerdiest and most smitten couples. While there, the Trekkers/lovers proclaimed their intergalactic love, became formally engaged, and put their names in the hat to win an extravagant Star Trek -themed wedding at the museum this coming June.

As much about deep space as true love, the engagements are part of a promotion to kick off the opening of Star Trek: The Exhibition, which features set recreations, models, costumes, and props from the Star Trek television and movie series.

The wedding package includes, in addition to the wedding itself and a reception for 200 guests, a two-night stay at the hottest real gravity room this side of the Enterprise: The Star Trek Suite at Detroit's MGM Grand hotel and casino.

The winning couple will be selected by members of the general public who cast their votes on the contest website.

But be forewarned before you visit the site: You might just find yourself incapable of choosing between couples like Justin Gruba and Alissa Mellis ("Like the voyage of Star Trek, we will boldly go into an unknown future together") and Nicholas Jablonski and Laura Schwartz ("Nothing would be as special to us as a marriage here among our memories of this wonderful franchise").

Shhh, Nicholas. Not another word. You had us at "franchise."