Katy Perry Not Dating Benji Madden

katy perry

Nor is she bumping uglies with the Good Charlotte rocker.

This Katy Perry just refuses to quit us. And thank goodness for that. With the economy going into the lavatory (yes, for a number two) and Chris Brown allegedly punching Rihanna in the face, we could all use a little kooky Katy in our lives.

Recap: first she kissed a girl and appreciated it for the novelty of the experience. Then she was getting engaged to Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes fame. And then just as quickly she wasn't engaged to him. Then they split up, which is pretty close to the opposite of getting engaged. Then she said she was going celibate. Then she was rumored to be doing the hibbity-dibbity with Paris Hilton's ex Good Charlotte frontman Benji Madden (or the opposite of celibacy). As of present day, she evidently is not dating Benji Madden (sort of the opposite of dating, really). You just never know what's going to come out of her mouth next.

According to Female First, in denying romance with Benji Madden, Katy Perry said, "It's two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other... doesn't mean we were bumping uglies!" "Bumping uglies" is of course a euphemism for doing genitalia high-fives and has been called "slapping bellies" from time to time.

At any rate, kooky Katy Perry went on to joke about getting a boyfriend using frequent flyer miles when everyone knows that's impossible. You can only trade frequent flyer points for sexual favors and then only in Asian countries.

We hope that kooky Katy keeps clowning. It's the only thing that'll prevent us from going crazy in these dark hours. That and a few more sexually suggestive allusions to lipstick lesbianism, though we wouldn't want her to only be famous for that.

In other goofy celebrity news, Kate Moss isn't pregnant, her boobs just got bigger. Really the best of both worlds, thanks to HolyMoly for that breath of fresh air.

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