Mandy Moore's Wedding May Include DJ AM

Mandy Moore

Will there be a smackdown between the ex and the next?

Girl meets boy. Girl dates boy. Girl dumps boy.

Girl meets new boy. Girl dates new boy. Girl agrees to marry new boy and have old boy electronically serenade her at the wedding.

It might sound a little unconventional to the old-fashioned amongst us, but to Mandy Moore it's all sweet, scratchy music to her ears.

When asked in an interview with 104.3MYfm's Valentine in the Morning in L.A. who would perform at her wedding, Moore said that, while she and husband-to-be Ryan Adams have yet to nail down anyone in particular (no pun intended), "I could ask my friend Adam [Goldstein]."

Goldstein, as celebrity watchers know, is DJ AM (a.k.a. the former almost-Mr. Nicole Ritchie). He also happens to be the man who Moore hitched her star to in 2007 and again, after his near-fatal plane crash, in 2008.    

While Moore's impending nuptials are nowhere near as strange as others we've had to witness in the past (we're talking about you, Liza Minelli and David Guest), we don't find them altogether normal either. Seriously, what man really wants the recent ex of his new bride performing all night at what's supposed to be his love fest?

Then again, this is celebrity world we're talking about here. If Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor can be your best man and maid of honor (yes, we're still talking about Liza and David), why can't your recent sweetie be the main performer at your wedding?

Here's why: Because it's weird.

And while we don't want to judge (really, we don't), we might be a little more okay with all of this if the overtly pleasant exteriors of Ryan Adams and DJ AM crumbled mid-reception, paving the way for a no-holds-barred wrestling match between the two, complete with hair pulling and a last-minute, tear-filled confession by Mandy Moore about who her heart truly belongs to.

Yes, we'd be okay with that. And maybe we're projecting here, but we'd like to think that Mandy Moore would be okay with that, too.

Photo: Splash News.