Heroes No More: Hayden P and Milo V Breakup

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere

It looks to be over for Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia.

According to Hollyscoop, the stars of the super hero drama Heroes are no longer a real-life couple. Apparently, Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere have completely different priorities and these days. The 19-year old invulnerable cheerleader evidently wants to party hardy and the 31-year old part-time EMT, part-time wet blanket wants to work. We suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise.

He's probably done enough of the club circuit and realizes that he's got to make his career hum while he still has the chance. And she hates whaling. The rumor out of LA, though, is that may have been getting a little frisky with Jesse McCartney.

And maybe it's for the best. They're relationship has always been a little sketchy to us. First of all, he's just enough years older than her that it borders on inappropriate (given her youth). Their relationship actually violates the "half his age (rounding down) plus seven" rule (she'd have to be 22 to get back in compliance). Also, their timing was a little bit suspect. Did they really fool anyone by starting to date "after" she turned 18? And finally, Heroes has been struggling the last season or so. Could their off-screen romance have been too much of a distraction for the rest of the show? Until we hear otherwise, we're going to put the show's negative turn on the writers. But it has always made us incredibly uncomfortable that Hayden Panettiere played Milo Ventimiglia's niece. It's a little too Marquis de Sade for our tastes.

Unfortunately, this breakup will probably put her in the news more and we've always had a tough time pronouncing her name without sounding like dirt bags. "Oh, so it's not 19-year old "Hayden Panty-tearing," our mistake." His name's not much easier.

If it's true that Hayden is hanging out with Jesse McCartney, any thoughts on who Milo should get with? We'd prefer it wasn't someone with a regular TV role. Is that Taylor Swift single? That's right in his wheelhouse.

Photos: Splash (BTW, sweet look for Nathan Petrelli).