Love Bytes: You're Never Too Old For Love—Really!

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Love, Heartbreak

A failed marriage proposal, re-connecting with an ex and falling in love at any age.

Love Bytes: three must-click love and relationship links.

What do you do when your ex calls you... on Valentine's Day? [DearSugar]

Failed proposal: is this for real? If so, this video is very sad. [BuzzFeed]

Your inspiration for the day: a 68-year-old woman writes about how she fell in love at 66. It's never too late! [Mail Online]

It was all exactly as I remembered the last time I'd fallen in love, and that was with my husband of 30-odd years. Someone needs to do some of that clever brain-scanning research to discover why love does the same things for everyone of any age, be it 16 or 60. Mooning around, willing the telephone to ring, discovering just how lovely the night sky is, a sudden interest in poetry, talking all night, feeling sick, shaking, every sense alert, the whole world singing.