Let's Get A Little Crazy And Be More Like Seal

seal and heidi klum

Seal could save your relationship.

Let me tell you a trick, Seal is an awesome dude and maybe we should all aim to be a little more like him in our relationships.

I've always thought that David Bowie and Iman were a model of how celebrity relationships could be but I may prefer Seal now. Let's compare Bowie and Seal right quick: both were born in England, both go by a name that is not entirely their own (Seal's full name has like seven words in it, Bowie's original last name is Jones), both are able to fuse somewhat disparate genres of music and both are married to smoking hot women of different ethnicities (they've appeared to have swapped).

But Seal's cool seems to transcend even all of that. I'm convinced that if (and when) they do Zoolander 2: Blue Steel-er, it'll be Seal judging the walk-off between an aging Derek Zoolander and an upstart model named after a symbol and played by Justin Long (Billy Zane will still be a pretty cool guy).

Have you ever met anyone who isn't in a good mood after hearing Seal sing? He won a Grammy for the theme song to Batman Forever ("Kiss From A Rose"). Batman Forever! How can anyone like listening to anything associated with that thing and award it? It set in motion a chain of events that nearly ended the careers of Alicia Silverstone and Chris O'Donnell (because it lead to the utterly unforgiveable Batman And Robin).

And his advice through music has to have countless relationships. "You know what, hon, let's go for broke, we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy, I want to save this sham of a marriage of ours." To which he replies, "Yeah, let's… Was that Seal? If he can land Heidi Klum, I don't see why it's out of the question that I can't be happy with you. Let's get crazy."*

Have you ever seen a photo of the dude in which he wasn't smiling? Of course most people would be smiling if they were married to Heidi Klum. His relationship with the supermodel helps the strangely attractive singer transcend cool. Did you know that he proposed to her in an igloo at 14,000 feet? By comparison (and in general), it makes the jumbotron at an Oklahoma City Thunder game look pretty lame. On top of that, the second most recognizable woman in fashion (Klum would have to rank behind Gisele Bundchen) disfigured her $100 million body by getting his name inked on her forearm. He’s even adopted said #2 supermodel's kid from another relationship.

Finally, he knows that no matter how cool I think he is, that the key to making things work in his marriage is not to take things so seriously. According to Google News, the single-named singer constantly has wife Heidi Klum laughing and smiling.

In summary, we can all be a little more like Seal. It's OK if you weren't born with golden pipes. You can still drop the need to act cool, let down your guard and let the love roll in whatever way you know how to express it. After that feel free to get a little crazy, propose in an igloo (or tree fort) and keep the laughter rolling. And remember that the act of just smiling makes you feel better.

*No conversation like that has ever taken place.

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