Britney’s Ex Investigated For Assault

Britney Spears

Adnan Ghalib allegedly hit a court officer.

What is WITH people in Hollywood lately?!? Is the economy driving people to violence or something? First we have the whole Chris Brown-Rihanna fiasco and now Britney’s ex-boyfriend is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a court officer. Here's what we know: paparazzi photographer and Britney Spears’ ex Adnan Ghalib was visited by a process server Wednesday morning with papers relating to Britney’s restraining order case against him and evidently he was so upset that he struck the messenger with his car, causing the guy to go flying over the hood of the car! Police are reportedly investigating the case as a felonious assault with a deadly weapon. No word from Adnan or Britney’s camp at this point.

Ok, so we think it’s safe to say that if these allegations are true, the restraining order is a solid decision on behalf of Britney and her family. Can you imagine such a thing? No wonder Britney vowed chastity for a while. Her life is a circus!

Scoop courtesy of Limelife. Photo courtesy of Splash News.